+ "Wouldn't be the first flying monkey I've dated."

+ "I am Susan Richards and I speak for all mankind!"

+ "Nah, we'll always be okay, you and me. Don't you reckon, Doctor?"

+ "Can any of you boys direct me to the Smithsonian? I'm here to pick up a fossil."

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lol sorry but I like Thor x Sif way more than foster


  • Nat: I hit you really hard in the head. (¬‿¬)
  • Clint: thanks. (。♥‿♥。)

about to board the plane yo!!!


Spike Jonze Week
Her, 2013
Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema


I’m my own woman — first, , last — and always!

 ⤷ playmoremetallica asked:
Jane Foster or Natasha Romanoff?

"You know, sometimes I have to remember that I’ve got three good things going for me. Even if all I’ve got are my bows and arrows and… well, of course you."

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